Energy Mapping

Energy Mapping is a system that offers a framework for understanding your unique energetic makeup and how you interact with the world. It combines various ancient and modern traditions, including astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum physics, to create a personalized chart known as a "body graph." This chart outlines your energetic profile, including your strengths, tendencies, and potential challenges.

Here are some key elements of Energy Mapping:

Body Graph:

The central aspect of Energy Mapping is the body graph, which is a visual representation of your energetic makeup. It consists of nine centers (similar to chakras), channels (lines connecting the centers), and gates (points within the centers).

Energy Types:

Energy Mapping identifies five main energy types: Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector. Each type has its own way of interacting with the world and a unique strategy for making decisions.

Strategy and Authority:

Each energy type has a strategy, which is a recommended approach to navigating life in a way that aligns with your natural energy. Additionally, your authority is your inner guide for decision-making, which can be linked to a specific center in your chart.


The profile in Energy Mapping represents aspects of your personality and how you relate to others. It consists of two numbers that indicate specific themes in your life.

Centers, Channels, and Gates:

The centers represent different aspects of your being, such as intuition, emotions, communication, and identity. Channels and gates define how energy flows between centers and influence how you express yourself and process information.

Not-Self and Signature:

Energy Mapping identifies the concept of the "not-self," which refers to patterns of behavior that arise when you're not living in alignment with your design. Each type also has a signature, a feeling or state of being that indicates you're living in harmony with your true self.

Benefits of Understanding Energy Mapping:


Energy Mapping provides insights into your unique energetic makeup, helping you understand yourself on a deeper level.


By following your strategy and authority, you can make decisions that align with your natural energy, leading to more fulfilling outcomes.

Improved Relationships:

Understanding your own design and the designs of others can enhance communication and mutual respect in relationships.

Personal Growth:

Energy Mapping can help you identify areas for growth and work towards living a more authentic and balanced life.

Stress Reduction:

When you live in alignment with your design, you may experience less resistance and more ease in your life.

Overall, Energy Mapping is a tool for self-discovery and personal empowerment. It can offer you a clearer understanding of yourself and guide you toward a life that aligns with your true nature.


Energy Mapping is available to anyone anywhere on it's own (£50pp) or included within a Reiki treatment package (£70pp)

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